Moment of Impact

In our lives, minutes and hours collect gradually - building our lives, for the most part, in slow burns. Most of our time belongs to the spaces between moments of magnitude, but when we create, this pacing does not apply. We are free to build isolated moments that punch, that pressurize, that make us feel - endlessly. In Issue 02, we’ve curated a collection of these moments, all characterized by the life cycle of a Moment of Impact - intensity, irreversibility, release, clarity. There is a humanness in experiencing the brute force of cataclysmic change. We feel the weight of the step we can’t take back. This semester, Cicada Creative Magazine has framed forty-two pieces that demonstrate this unalterable trice.
The cover

Editor's Note

Crumple Vase

Us as Parents

Invasion Self Dimension Deer Withstanding

Mother Tongue


Bury It

Transplant A wodden board with Korean Hangul characters engraved into them.




Raku vase Glimmer of Hope Omaha Library Judith Alms Kapow Family History of Disorder

The Flowers Out Front


Snow Falls Inside of me

Composed Anxiety Trip(tych) Spring


Gift of the Daughter of Nature A wide white strip of paper with colors splashed across it.

Adam's Rib

Soil Water Sky Notable Persons A fox with purple eyes and an orange amulet draped on its head. It is surrounded by a circle of natural elements.


A threaded black strip of fabric with four figures and a crescent shape along with two other round shapes.

Toska Tap

A round black object photographed in motion, its prongs making triangle shapes as it spins.


Three woodland creatures are exploring a surreal tree that has large coral and pink flowers.


Anxiety Trip(tych)

All Night Love

A crosshatched ink building in front of another building with a textured background.