It's been a harrowing 2021. A disorienting sequel to 2020's litany of challenges, it seems we cannot agree on anything. Instead, it often feels as though we are all running on different tracks expecting to arrive at a place of stability, some form of homeostasis. How do we measure our grief? How do we separate strawberry seed from flesh? Can we? Should we? In a world propelled by energy and disarray, this issue attempts to honor loss, memory, irreversibility, and the disordered order we try to grab ahold of.

The cover of Issue 04 thumbnail. It has several cicadas on it in various life stages alongside blue dot sequences that escalate in chaos.

Editor's Note

Crossword Puzzles, the Infinite Library...

An inked illustration of the wreckage of a building in muted, warm, sepia-like tones, as if it is standing in the middle of a war or fire. A colorful walkway with a building in the backgeound. Several images display the proposed logo and visual branding on various milk bottles and packages.. Thick tubes dump yellow liquid into a yellow body of liquid. One of the tubes has a large B on it. A transparent thumbnail of a drawn yellow flower. A group of people stands in front of the wreckage of a buliding.


A white Korean Hangul character (pronounced Thin tubes run over a bright yellow, flat landscape, and eject particles into holes. The tubes run through box-shaped objects. Large particles are broken into smaller particles once they pass through the boxes. The profile image of a woman is rendered in large, sweeping brush strokes. Her face sits before a textured, swirly background. It is pink and purple. A stained-glass window depicts two children making bowls of cereal for breakfast.

Bounded Phase Space

Two figures sit on jungle jym bars. The photo is taken from a low angle, and the figures are only barely illuminated. A transparent thumbnail of a figure wearing a fabric mask made to look like a cartoon flower. It has eyes but no nose and mouth, and has bright yellow petals. A side profile image of a person, rendered in warm red-brown tones.  The wreckage of a building is displayed in muted, warm tones, as if it is standing in the middle of a war or fire. The anatomical structure of a head is visible in the silouette of a face. Bright, colorful bubles float from the head and mix into a textured, galactic background. A figure sits in a black scene, with a warm light illuminating their face. They pull down a fabric mask covering their lower face, and wear a headband with small deer antlers. A supermarket setting is displayed stark and empty. The ceiling is drastically high up, making the space grand and extremely empty. All that lies on the supermarket shelves is a carton of soymilk.

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