Contributors Page
Megan Szalay
Grinnell College 2025

Megan Szalay is a physics major at Grinnell College. She drinks a lot of cranberry juice, but is confused by the fact you can only get it from concentrate. She craves the real-- the authentic cranberry juice. It is a lifelong quest.

Crossword Puzzles, the Infinite Library, and the Importance of Defining Order
This piece argues the futility of measuring entropy, as order as a concept is constructed.
Bounded Phase Space
This piece, like the requirements for negative temperature, is bound by a strict structure which the speakers seem to know the rules of (though the reader may not.)
Grace Morris
Colorado State University 2021
BFA with a Concentration in Printmaking

I primarily create with traditional print mediums, such as intaglio and lithography. I portray architectural forms, styles and structures, and its relationship to society and history. Recently, my art pieces have portrayed historical events of destruction that have occurred in Colorado. I utilize a combination of linear marks with gestural, painterly marks to depict recognizable architectural structures amidst chaos and disorder.

Sobering Effects
Intaglio and Monotype, 22" x 30"
Old Main Fire - May 8, 1970
Intaglio, 22" x 30"
Students? Anti-War Activists? Outside Agitator?
Intaglio and Monotype, 22" x 30"
Cameron David Rankin
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design 2021
Sustainable Interior Design

I dream of a world where we don't blame each other for the world wasting away at our feet and instead take full responsibility for the situation we're in together. The chaos of life inspires me to create and imagine because if our future is not sustainable then we won't have much of a future to look forward to.

Vancouver Village Senior Living Facility Concept
Rendered in REVIT
Foam core board, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop / 12"X60"
Jayleen Serrano
Colorado State University 2020
BFA in Graphic Design

I selected two pieces from my time as an undergraduate graphic design student that highlighted Korean cultural identity. They are inverse pieces--one represents nostalgia refrained and one vengeance unfulfilled.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
This was a mockup of an alternative brand of Yakult (a branded fermented, sweetened milk beverage). The title is a pun--"uyu" (우유) means milk in Korean and, of course, cows go moo.
Adobe Illustrator
"Han" (한) is a Korean cultural concept that is often considered a cornerstone of its post-colonial identity. It encapsulates grief, loss, resentment, and bitterness.
Elliot Stemen
Colorado State University 2021
BFA in Painting and Graphic Design

For the past 12 months or so we’ve witnessed much waste at the hands of COVID-19. Potatoes, eggs, milk, beer, and other ripe foods and liquids are being destroyed because of poor distribution strategies and the absence of demand from restaurants, hotels, and the like. The idea of automated destruction of living biology is something I portray in my work through imageries of static industrial machinery and environment. With expressive colors and animated linework composed within relatively stark scenes, I show failure and disorder in this time of crisis.

All That's Left is Soymilk
Acrylic on wood, 36x36"
Untitled (Culling Scene)
Acrylic on wood, 36x36"
What Do I Call Bullshit? A Contemporary Dilemma
Acrylic on wood, 36x36"
Kyle A Koch
University of California, Los Angeles 2021

After many years of undulating motivation, I have finally found the inspiration to create as I once did. I've been taking things slowly, engaging with small writing projects or drawings whenever the feeling is right. I suppose the pandemic has been helpful in that regard and I am excited to achieve some sense of consistency once more.

The Mother
An attempted still life with some improvements.
Acrylic pen and colored pencil on paper. 5.5in x 8.5 in
George Vetushko
University of California, Los Angeles 2023

Poetry, as a method of self-expression, is my ritual of engaging with my emotions cathartically and articulating what I feel into something more than just words. I take great inspiration from Toni Morrison’s magical realism and the perspective of synesthesia, working to bridge the multidimensionalities of human experience that I feel we fail to describe in conversation.

Morpheus is a dream in it of itself — a taunting dream where death feels more loving than one’s living world.
Aimee Kuiper
Bethel University, St Paul 2022
Fine Arts, Biology

Aimee Kuiper is a Minneapolis based artist and illustrator. Her practice is an irreverent handling of the traditional, bringing electric color and style to mundane subjects.

Sarai Portrait
This is the center panel of a larger work painted on dual doors. The entire series is painted with nail polish, lipstick, and shampoo, enlivening the biblical narrative between Hagar and Sarai.
Stained Kitchen Table Cloth
This is an illustrated still from an animated gif created in response to a local author's musing on the Minnesota winter, sacridity of home, and younger siblings.
Another Night in the American Southwest
photo selection
Anna Dunn
Colorado State University 2021
Art, Journalism

2020 has made me interested in art that discusses collective action problems and empathy. It seems that the heart of these problems isn't just that we disagree on how to best care for people, but that some people don't care for others at all. How do we as a society teach each other how to care for one another? Why is it so hard to teach?

caring is alien to me
cotton, felted wool, chicken wire, masking tape, elastic
Denise Zubizarreta
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design 2022
Fine Arts

I spend a considerable amount of time contemplating how so many seemingly minute moments make up the fabric of our lives. How we are caught some days, balancing between madness and genius, the past and our present, the future and our past. The mind splits and we find ourselves embracing the destructiveness in order to forge forward amidst the ashes. That journey can take many forms, and the paths that crossed and got us to this point become forgettable. Where do theses memories reside? How do we access them? How much of who we are is made up of things we could never comprehend?

La Vida
11" x 17" Digital Painting + Illustration
On My Block
Mixed media set of 10.
8 8”x8” Cubes
2 6”x12” Rectangles
Where Is My Mind
11" x 17" Digital Painting + Illustration
Ellie Timmins
Pennsylvania State University 2024
Biology, Art

I love to explore the complex relationship between nature and humans in my art. I try to portray how nature is reflected in man just as man is reflected in nature. My ultimate goal is to show that we are one. That we share fear, love, life, and death.

No Eyes
Oil paint on canvas. 11x14 inches