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20 Black Designers You Need to Follow

Reilly Webster, Creative Director

September 15, 2020

We all love to imagine design as the industry of the future–innovative, inclusive, progressive. However, this field is just as prone to racial inequality as any other industry in America, if not moreso. Just check out page 14 of the 2019 AIGA Design Census. Because of this, it is imperative that we begin to recenter the conversation. White designers in the industry have an obligation to elevate our Black peers. You can start by checking out the amazing designers and organizations that I’ve listed in this Quick List for Cicada’s September newsletter.

10 collectives striving to diversify the design world

  1. Black Artists + Designers Guild
  2. Design Justice Network
  3. Revision Path
  4. BlackSpace
  5. FRESH Speakers
  6. Blacks Who Design
  7. Where Are the Black Designers?
  8. AIGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
  9. African American Graphic Designers
  10. The Designer’s Workshop

10 individuals + projects to check out

  1. Vocal Type Co.
  2. 100 Black Females Project
  3. Project Naptural
  4. Kaitlyn Chandler
  5. Noisemaker
  6. Adé Hogue
  7. Brandon Breaux
  8. Gail Anderson
  9. Jessica Bellamy
  10. The 28 Days of Black Designers Project


Illustration by Reilly Webster.

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