Meet the team behind CCM!

While the beating heart of Cicada is our creative community, we want you to know who looks over the editorial process, from selecting our themes to curating each publication. If you want to join us, check out our application, which will be open until February 19, 2024.

Jay Serrano

Editor-in-Chief, Web Developer

Multimedia artist & prototypical Pisces. Recommend me a horror game!

Allyson (Alex) Lee

Art Editor

Alex recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Art and currently works at a museum in Los Angeles. They're interested in exploring how narratives are conveyed visually and create works that range from painting, digital illustration, and comics. They can be found eating hot pot, browsing the local book store, or trying to perfect homemade lattes.

Denise Zubizarreta

Social Media Manager

Denise “The Vamp DeVille” Zubizarreta is a multi-hyphenate creative focused on interdisciplinary art making, journalism, scholarship and research. Her articles have been published with Hyperallergic and Southwest Contemporary magazine.

Christopher Capri

Writing Editor

Poet and fiber artist, bibliophile, full time MFA student, procrastinator. The rest can wait.

Penny Molesso


Penny Molesso is a transmedia artist, filmmaker, and writer based in Omaha, Nebraska. They received their MFA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2023. Penny was a Lambda Literary Foundation fellow in screenwriting in 2023. Their visual art and poetry has been published in muzzle, WMN Zine, and Fraction Magazine.

Aimee Kuiper


Maximalist illustrator and author who might be running late because she got distracted by a neat little bird.

Gisela Perez


Soft-spoken fantasy devotee, writing comfort and curiosity into every line and story. In her spare time, she can be caught humming little tunes, drinking milk, and admiring the moon.