Every year, we at Cicada call for your work. Every year, you deliver.

With extreme care and deliberation, we review this work and present the very best our community has to offer. Please enjoy these selected pieces – for you, by you.

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Issue 07: 'You are here'

Maps are, at their most essential, symbolic diagrams that outline relationships between things. This issue, we invited you to contemplate where you stand on your own maps.

Aug. 2023

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Issue 06: Space

Space has 23 dictionary definitions. It’s as interdisciplinary as it gets, and for this issue, we wanted to give you your own space to explore these definitions in your own ways.

Nov. 2022

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Issue 05: Catharsis

For Issue 05, Cicada Creative Magazine hopes that we can provide a space for undergraduates to emotionally decompress and sift through emotions that are too heavy to hold.

Dec. 2021

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Issue 04: (neg)entropy

In a world propelled by energy and disarray, this issue attempts to honor loss, memory, irreversibility, and the disordered order we try to grab ahold of.

Jun. 2021

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Issue 03: Identity

In the midst of a pandemic and racial movement, we asked, who are you? Who are we?

Dec. 2020

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Issue 02: Moment of Impact

Hello again. We’re happy to announce that, for the second time, Cicada Creative Magazine has published an all-arts, all-welcome, all-heart issue.

Dec. 2019

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Issue 01: Cycles + Seasons

Hi! We haven’t met before. Allow us to introduce ourselves–we’re Cicada Creative Magazine.

Jun. 2019