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Modern Montage

Molly Flood, Creative Team Member

December 23, 2020

Protest has also been a prevalent theme in art throughout the years. This timeline explores art that addresses injustice and inequality in the past 100 years.

As the world sat in their home over the past year, the passage of time became monotonous for many. People all over the world experienced lockdown to different degrees and had unique ways of coping. The reemergence of Montage film editing flooded Tik Tok with unique perspectives of how the newfound time in between can be romanticized and documented. In popular film today, Montage is most commonly used to represent the passing of time, but Tik Tok creators, building upon inspiration from each other, have a new take on this style. The Tik Tok video shooting platform encourages short snappy videos which have led to Montage style vlogs, fashion, and art videos in a way that montage has not been used for before. Creating and watching content of day to day life and creativity serves as escapism and comfort to a generation trapped inside.


The creator, Judita (@judenyk) uses her page to create space for the moments in between, montaging past and present moments to highlight the beauty in the simplicity.


@mi4k3lly replicates experimental Montage methods with a modern and casual twist. I have selected this page to represent the experimental and new creators coming out of the creative medium of Tik Tok. Using household items, common sounds, and a phone camera to record @mi4k3lly is still able to create something unique and unsettling about the experience of passing time in a dream.


Taitù’s videos (@illstealyourgirlfriend), hold a laid back, effortlessly cool appearance due to the subtle yet intentional Montage technique present. Her shots are often connected by the color, or small details connecting her outfits. Taitù films dressing and styling intentionally,seamlessly connecting Montage and fashion.


Gillian’s content, (@shoegremlin) features Montage that follows a similarly slow pace flow of living inside and being outside with friends. The placement of the clips seems completely interchangeable, replicating the placeless mood of the time passed this year.

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