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Redecorate your Room! Find Your Inspo from 8 pieces of Interior Art

Diane Kim, Creative Team Member

March 15, 2022

The way a room is decorated can have everything to do with how you feel when you are in it. Blue painted walls might evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. For some, it might make them feel melancholy. Artists have been able to express the different types of beauty and feelings that are brought on from colors, shapes, and designs in interior design. Explore these 8 interior related art pieces to find what rooms you resonate emotionally with best, but also to gain inspiration for a new look to your room!


Interior (My dining room), 1909 by Wassily Kandinsky

In this piece by Kandinsky, bright green and pink hues in textured oil paint vibrantly depict his perspective of his dining room. This Expressionist style emphasizes what Kandinsky felt, rather than what he directly saw in life, which ties together with the fact that he was quite fond of abstract art. Try to implement two main colors into your room, painting the door frame and walls different colors, similar to how Kandinsky has done in his piece! Incorporate textured, mixed paints to achieve a more dreamy, frenzied look.


Wallpaper with Blue Interior, 1992 by Roy Lichtenstein

In this screenprint piece, Lichtenstein’s use of bold lines, several patterns, and four bright colors stand out, making this piece fun and captivating. For room inspo, maybe you could play around with different patterns with your pillows, or walls, or add a fun, swirly rug to your floor! You could also try to choose three to four dominating colors to further demonstrate a pop-art style to your living space.


Interior with A Phonograph, 1924 by Henri Matisse

The warmer, sunlit tones in Matisse’s piece create a cozy home atmosphere. Like Matisse has titled in his painting, it could be nice to add a classic record player to add a touch of luxuriousness to your room. In the same way, you could invest in curtains and tapestries of different patterns and colors around the halls!


The Room of Flowers, 1894 by Childe Hassam

Some prefer their rooms to be nice and tidy while others prefer a clutter of creativity, as seen in this piece. Similar to Matisse’s artwork, The Room of Flowers encompasses a warm, sunny feeling. You could take inspiration from this artwork by using brown, wooden tones throughout your room or add pops of color through big, blooming flowers or small, detailed trinkets.


Sunlit Interior from Melsted on Bornholm, 1924 by Carl Budtz-Moller

Budtz-Moller is well known for his landscape and scenery artworks that incorporate figures that tend to evoke warm feelings. Speaking in terms of room inspiration, maybe this is your sign to get a pet cat, if you don’t already have one. Furry friends make any space happier and livelier. Along with a pet cat, try matching the colors of your plants with the different objects and furniture in your room.


The Sun Shine on the Corner, 1928 by Grant Wood

This famous interior piece by Grant Wood has both a shadowy feel due to its low exposure setting and green colors. Try to make your room into a comfy greenhouse by investing in a plethora of succulents, cacti, or monsteras. Filling your space with a variety of plants is sure to make you feel more connected with the natural world.


Interior (also known as Still Life, Bedroom), 1909 by Gabriele Munter. 

Munter often used rich, green colors in many of her works. In this piece, Munter drew a homely setting that could be more representative of a typical home, if it were not for the very long, striped rug laid out diagonally across the room. If you feel your room feels a bit boring, add something to catch your visitors’ eyes, such as this fun piece of fabric that fills up the floor.


Large Studio at Castiglion, 1993 by Stephen McKenna.

Stephen McKenna was a contemporary artist experienced in still life painting. In this piece, McKenna explored an art studio, capturing the emptiness and peacefulness of the space. As inspiration, integrate your hobby and passions into your space. It could be making your room into an art or music studio, museum, or a place to display your sticker collection over the years. Personalize your room with what you love most.

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