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Roadmap: What's next?

Jay Serrano, Editorial Director

February 27, 2023

Hello, all! It’s been a minute. We’ve been hard at work here at CCM, and a few things have changed. Our Discord server got a makeover, we have the beginnings of some proper documentation, polls for Issue 07’s theme are live, and staff applications are open! But there’s lots more coming.

What’s new:
  • Discord server updates

We’ve cleaned up the place. Between webhooks, bots, boosts, and upcoming movie nights, we think it’s a pretty nice place! You can join us here with this link.

  • Staff applications are open!

And will now stay open until they are filled. They are also reviewed on a rolling basis. We are currently filling Editorial Board vacancies (Web Developer, Managing Editors, Editorial Assistant, and Communications Director) and seeking Creative Team Members. Reminder! Anyone above the age of 18 can now apply. For more information, you can check the #staff-applications channel on Discord or look at our documentation.

  • Documentation

Speaking of which, we now have some documentation for staff, prospective staff, and any curious readers. It’s still under construction, but we’re working on it.

  • Issue 07 theme poll

We pitched theme concepts and voted amongst ourselves, and the top two were:

  • Waste: kitsch, hot messes, waste of time/space, decadent disgust
  • “You are here”: maps, wayfinding, identity

Visit our Twitter or Instagram to vote and help break the tie. In next month’s newsletter, we’ll announce the winner and open submissions for Issue 07!

What’s next:
  • Announce Issue 07’s theme and open submissions

March 2023. Over the next few weeks, we will let you all vote on what the theme for Issue 07 will be. At the end of the month, we will announce the winner and open submissions–reminder that submissions will now be open to anyone!

Onboard new Creative Team members

May 2023. This will be “on season” for CTM, so all who are accepted will be able to attend an orientation with mock review.

Close submissions and begin review

June 2023. Time to be determined. Review sessions tend to take approximately two hours. For more information on what review sessions entail, you can check the docs.

Publish Issue 07

July 2023. Yippee!

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