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Top 10 Tattoo Artists That Make Me Want to Cover My Skin in Ink

Peyton Farnum, Creative Team Member

January 29, 2021

In my many years as a creative-driven being, I’ve discovered that I have a great affinity for tattoo art. Tattoo practice is something that is taboo in our society because of its permanence. However, tattoo artists are just as credible as other artists, and their art is worthy of admiration and respect! Especially because there is much effort and tireless work that goes into being a professional tattoo artist.

So, to express my love for the world of tattoo art, I have compiled a list of my favorite skin-ink artists I found throughout the years. These artists come from all over the world and have phenomenal and unique styles. Just admiring these artists through social media fuels my desire to cover my whole body in beautiful artwork.

(All of the artists on this list can be found on Instagram)

  1. m_tendo


M_tendo displays stunning technique across many styles, including realism and abstraction. Their technique in using single needles for realistic pieces make for beautifully detailed end products that I could look at for hours.

  1. zzizziboy


Zzizziboy’s graphic style has a special place in my heart. Their designs are simplistic, yet fun, featuring beautifully vibrant colors. In addition, all their work is handpoked, showcasing a fascinating tattooing technique.

  1. anka.tattoo


Anka.tattoo’s displays incredible artistry in all of their drawings and tattoos. Their style walks a beautiful line between stylized and realistic. Not to mention their phenomenal technical linework and hatch shading!

  1. xoxotattoo


Xoxotattoo’s work caught my eye because of their delicate linework. Most of their designs are completed with a single needle and intricate craftsmanship. You can obverse all the meticulous details in every one of their tattoos.

  1. takemymuse


Takemymuse’s work is always a delight to see. Their designs are often simple linework combined with colored detailing, often in pastel color palettes. From animals to portraits, their tattoos always bring a fond emotion and a smile to my face because of their playful nature.

  1. julianllouve


Julianllouve’s work displays interest and chaos in every piece. Their bright colors and crazy energies are nothing short of the epitome of psychedelic. I feel like I am looking at a museum-worthy surrealist work whenever I see their tattoos in my feed.

  1. anniemesstattoos-blog


Anniemesstattoos has an incredible way of depicting figures in tattoos. Her linework is well crafted yet whimsical and beautiful. Many of her recent subjects focus on stylized depictions of women characters such as the Greek goddess Athena (pictured).

  1. pitta_kkm


Pitta_kkm is a master of East Asian style in tattoos. Their pieces often include those of Korean legends such as dragons or stylized Korean clouds. Their tattoos are usually large, spanning whole sleeves, filled with vibrant colors.

  1. bowsertattoos


Bowsertattoos pieces display a style that is both childlike and seemingly unsettling. Their works often feature black lined subjects that lack shading and depth. Their designs are simplistic yet haphazardous, that always leave me curious of the meaning behind the tattoo (if there is one)

  1. 88world.co.kr


88world.co.kr has shown incredible success with pixelated style tattoos. Their pieces appear beautifully bold and rich in color, tied together by meticulous handiwork with each individual square pixel. They do a marvelous job of displaying clean lines on the surface of skin, which exists without a pixelated grid guide.

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