A collection in reverse chronology from the end of winter

Nathan Renshaw


Uku (you) if the cloth
Rips, and if not I will come
Climbing down too

Spatially I get it
But what is death? Bringing apart
It’s a suffering for you, you’ll driftagain Down the bend see you then

Flowers fall en sueño
El dormir yes falling that
Followers falling on sleeping of
Hearing distractingly dead beds haunting
Little crashers slip into space whew
Pen knives sleep or slice

Absurd absurd
Partners here novio littlest
Thing patterns here novia
Little song; my vision
Dissolution; my vision
Retracted; my vision
Gone in the light of the sun

Partner partner
Absurdas here girlfriend littlest
Thing patterns here boyfriend
Little ring; my tactile
Coming apart; my tact
Retract; my retract
Gone light sol

ocean of coast, seenBlue
Unseemly I was planned,
        , I was augured
        , I was augured
No reversed (in this
I was planned(of
Oceans( of
Death (in this
I was planned(of
Oceans( of
Death …

podéis echar un vistazo a pinturas de cerdos coquetos.
Do you see now under 3
Brights it is not under 3
Brights it is not meant
To be greater than mine
To be greater than mine
I wanted to say darkness under
The 4 you wanted to say darkness under
The 4 I see it not under 3
It is over

I see my light in a mirror
I see in dark what is here

In a bulb upside down
It is off

You’re never gunna love me
Friend what’s the person friend
You’re never gunna know me
Friend what’s the purse say friend
What’s the point say friend

Little niños see you, it were told,
Fell off the swingset played off
The top set

Friend You’re never gunna find me friend
Little años little, unknowingly like
Fire off the typeset played off
The hide set
You’re never gunna love me
Amor! Come you, it were told,
Jump up the endSet played off
The end set
What’s the point say friend
Post on the headset, it were shown,
Little shoulders, made knowingly
Water off the gymset played off
The left set
Friend you’re never gunna love me friend
What’s the purse say
Puede los disculpe, I see now,
Never gunna. Aught we better
Bigger up the end set the played off
The table set

Seem yourself (in
A dream) like you were before.
Now see lonely
Bringing darkness unsaid
littleLovely where have I gone?

In just the one I
See ya next time I wanna learn
To fly safer now like differences between
Stars. No I misspoke
Turning turning the gyre
I spake a ‘million delusions’ wringing

Discordanant (where is speaking) where
Is form. If she were here she’d be here and she has been barely I am weight I am tension I am grasping tooly let me be!
Let them leave me! They are not mean. They are not meet. They are no sky for flying oh little line this lady fly it’s gunna fail you it’s gunna bail you. Darn dooly darn dooly