Editor's Note

Jay Serrano

Editorial Director

Hey! It’s been awhile.

For Issue 06, we called on you to consider what space means to you in all its manifestations–inner, outer, psychological, physical. We wanted to document how people were negotiating space in a world that can often feel claustrophobic. And so we carved out a space for you to express your thoughts and feelings.

We had an unexpected setback a week before we were scheduled to publish this issue, and the theme of space started to crop up within our own organization. We decided to spend our newfound time shaping CCM into the best version of itself and we hope it’s become a better, more welcoming space. And we have big, big plans for the future of CCM.

In this issue, you will find 9 pieces of art and 9 pieces of writing, all handpicked from a pool of work we are grateful to have reviewed. They all demonstrate some dimension of space, from locational space to political space, and we hope you find them as compelling as we do.

Stick around–we’ll be back soon.