Bongani Zungu


We should take the set of decentralized actions that are most likely to make the future better.

Like density launch, the vacuum’s ascent
steps past the satellite’s single
geostationary hall, the stage’s third
and one of disintegrated constellations
in orbit’s planetary shapes shy of earth’s iridium.

Like Tintin’s latent lag flipping all Krypton—Ksum
data fairs, much less of mass; much trip peers;
to peer; to non-geosynchronous grid fins facing
widthbands and panel flats down the
Dishy entry frame.

Encryption be the guide in those disguised
spectrum verticals the dusty drone lands;
better than throughput or even nothing in
this panel globe.

Then redeemed in smooth lines of models,
and every smart surround.
Ubiquitous as community firesides
embracing crypto space heaters.

The face of the base on own learns and
solves the hardest candidates, then paves
heterogeneous networks of reparametrized vectors;
uncuttable capacities of tangents
across immersive frameworks.

Like fidelitys' fifteen fluttering leaps.
And soon convinced in versions, shipped
sourcecodes and levers— dimensional private
terms entrust the quantitative.

The base of principle connects the
number’s sensational nature—
constant’s microsecond the only.
Stationary form made us more; far beyond words
or buttoned pockets, mere corporations in the limit
meeting meager needs. Locked in desks,
private keys and standing interfaces ‘til hands handled
the geothermal layer’s augmented touch.

‘til curious studies built the Token’s secured
feeling of probabilities there and then.
To mimic an imaginer’s muse, a field of
family and mainframe friends— teleports to the timeframe.

A theory of voids, blinking least in error
and trust verified; voiced louder than a frictionless
feed of feedback squares used to slow rates of improvements.
And in deflation’s clear, no longer a novel unit
or million’s twenty first under one aligned unified vision.
Analytics hath told a tale of tools, engineered
hatchledgers and newfound use case mines.

Ultimately, we want the net useful output of our set of actions to be the highest.