Meet the Staff

While the beating heart of Cicada is our creative community, we want you to know who looks over the editorial process, from selecting our themes to curating each publication.

We also want to let you know that we’re always looking for Creative Team Members to join our staff! Every publication cycle, we accept applications from undergraduate students who are interested in participating in our month-long review process. Here, you will join our team as we review our submissions; you’ll learn valuable skills about online publishing and the review process and be credited in our publication.

Our application requires a resume, a statement of interest, and three creative samples. To learn more, visit our application here.

Jay Serrano, Editorial Director

Colorado State University 2020

a disgruntled youth drawn to the surreal, the dissociative, and the feverish. i like horror RPGs and well-manicured fish tanks. han kang is my favorite author and my goodreads is here.

yes i am a pisces. no you may not have my autograph.

Herman Luis Chavez, Managing Editor

University of California, Los Angeles 2022

Intrigued by cuffed jeans, decolonization, and cacti.

To summon me, moan an O’Hara poem (you know the one) into a weighted blanket.

To banish me, brandish peanut butter menacingly into the twilight.

Anna Dunn, Managing Editor

Colorado State University 2021

I’m always a sucker for art pieces that explore the mundane. Those boring, repetitive actions we repeat each day, the public spaces that we usually walk through and dismiss, they all have potential to be windows through which we can glimpse the deeply encoded habits of human nature.

Reilly Webster, Creative Director

Colorado State University 2020

Chaotic good. Living and working in Oakland CA. Wannabe t shirt model and coffee aficionado. I can’t stop designing! Help!

Haley Arnold, Social Media Manager

Colorado State University 2021

I love art, music or writing that makes me feel uncomfortable. Things that confront the abject and make us come face to face with what we refuse to acknowledge on the day to day, or shine a new light on familiar subjects. I think the point of creative work is to make people question.