Contributors Page

Allyson (Alex) Lee
University of California, Santa Barbara 2023

With my art, I explore the intangible as well as all the hidden thoughts, fears, and wishes such an undefined space encompasses to make sense of the realities that come with the 21st century. I use mediums including digital art, oil and acrylic paint, and collage.

Collage, 9" x 12"
Wheel of Fortune
Ink on paper, monotype
Bongani Zungu
University of Johannesburg, 2025
Industrial Relations, Personnel Management

Bongani Zungu threads his words with the intent to reveal the subtle sophistry of knowledge and what he believes to be a hidden expanse of human experience beyond just love in a simple, relatable way.

2709 Sagan
Denise Zubizarreta
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, 2022
Fine Art

I enjoy a researched based approach which integrates sound as well as sculptural elements in my ideation process. I’m very hands on and because of this I enjoy creating and ideating in multiple mediums (including digital, ceramic, painting, printmaking and photography) in order to create a blended approach to my immersive work as well as my 2D work. Music is also essential in my process and being able to integrate that into my work shapes the direction of my work consistently.

One Pill at a Time
Immersive Installation
Harper Hanson
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
Fine Arts

Harper Hanson is a 21 year old artist and mental health advocate. Since she was two years old, Harper has lived with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For so long, Harper felt like she took up space she did not deserve to take up, today she helps other people realize it is okay to take up space and love themselves. Harper enjoys writing, photography, and metalwork; her works often portraying her mental health advocacy work.

Crane of Hope
This is a wire paper crane soldered together with origami paper creating the barrier between the wire pieces.
Indy Nile
Colorado State University

Banana Slug Tongue
Jennifer Carusone
Southern New Hampshire University, 2022
Fiction writing/Entrepreneurship

I am both a visual and literary artist. I find joy in creating visual art through embroidery. The colors and techniques that I can use with the this medium give me an opportunity to turn the struggles in life into pieces of hope and inspiration.

Hand embroidery sewn onto a 20"x20" white artist canvas.
Kaela Keller
Arizona State University, 2022

My name is Kaela Keller, and I specialize in visual development and illustration. I enjoy designing characters and narrative scenes, as I love to tell stories through my work. I hope to inspire others with the visual tales I create, and have a rockin’ time doing so!

Sense of Place
Digital Illustration
Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi
University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 2026
Veterinary Medicine

Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a DVM student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pursuing his enthusiasm for poetry, He has his works published/Forthcoming in Poet's choice, Echo mag, and a few more. He reads at the sea glass lit and edits for the incognito. He tweets from @OladejoAFeranmi

When the clock rings alarming alarms
Rachel Garrison
Colorado State University, 2023
Visual Arts, Painting

My art has been focused on plastic in our oceans. Some of my work depicts fish keeping, while others depict actual ocean scenes. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to paint, such as using plastic bags to add texture to my paintings.

Plastic Dream
Latex Paint, Painted with plastic bags, 3’ x 5’
Man Power (Glub Glub)
Oil Painting, 32 x 28
Tei Hurst
West Chester University of Pennsylvania, 2025
English with a minor in Creative Writing

An English import, writing and residing in the US, I use writing as a chance to put thoughts on the page that when said aloud, would probably just make me cry. I love to experiment with form and ideas, and spend a lot of my time drinking tea, and fiddling with drafts that may never see the light of day.

To Leave Half My Heart in Philly
781 word Creative Nonfiction piece
Mitt Ann
National University of Singapore, 2022
Social Work

Mitt Ann is a writer based in Singapore. Influenced by T. S. Eliot, Derek Walcott and Marianne Moore, his works have been published in various literary journals. His works can be found on

God Speaks
Poem, previously published in Armstrong Literary, Spring 2022.
Now, Departed
Poem, previously published in Manastash Literary, Spring 2022.