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Emeshe Amade

Emeshe Amade is a bumbling member of the genus homo.

Artist Animal
Haley Arnold

Haley is a 3rd year art major concentrating in art education and painting. She loves traveling, her two hairless guinea pigs, listening to true crime podcasts, and anything Lisa Frank.

Keep Up With the Big Dogs
Polyurethane foam, dye, and acrylic on wood panel
Jessikha Block

Jessikha Block is a budding filmmaker and artist, focusing heavily in the digital Artscape. She is currently a junior at Colorado State University and is pursuing internships and apprenticeships in LA with production companies on various films. Her main goal with her art and filmmaking is to explore the grey areas of life and share the beauty and urgency of uncertainty with her viewers.

I Assure You, It’s Quite Alright
Thermoplastic, photography, digital collage
Sienna Bosch

In my work I seek to explore materiality. Through my primary medium of fibers, I work to question the traditionally perceived context of textiles. This is achieved through my incorporation of sculptural elements. Textiles, throughout time, have been used in an ever-changing way. They move with us as they rest on our bodies. My work seeks to understand textiles in a new sense. Some work explores how textiles can be locked into place, become immovable, whereas others allow the textile to transform shape, but in a different way than it would on our bodies.

Various Yarns, Resin
Herman Chavez

Herman loves creating art in both English and Spanish. From music to poetry, he loves exploring intercultural and intersectional perspectives, and tying his own experiences into these concepts. He participates in the Honors Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, works in the SLiCE office, writes columns for CSU Life, and is on the editorial staff of Spiritus Mundi, the CSU Honors lit mag. You can usually find Herman running between the UCA and LSC on campus.

1 Note. May 3, 2019
Annaliese Cole-Weiss

I like the idea that ceramics are part of a cycle; things that were once of the earth are invited to return to it again in my process. I believe that makers hold a unique position being artists and craftspeople, and I love their ability to engage in risk and play in their work, and what better way to play than with clay? I am deeply interested in materiality, process, risk and play in my work.

Sum of Its Parts
Colored porcelain, glaze
Nonce Poems 1-4

Emma Daugherty

Gross Girl was shot with a large format film camera and printed using a C-41 color processor. Film is important within my work as it allows me to slow down and be fully present in the creative process. I am also about to preserve my photos in an archaic and digital form.

Gross Girl
Chromogenic Color Print
Anna Dunn

Anna Dunn is a double major in art and journalism. In both her writing and art she hopes to reflect on human nature and choice, and how it can divide or connect us.

An image I can't get gut of my head
Acrylic, ink, watercolor pencil
Jordan Ferensic

Jordan Ferensic is, in general, a mediocre human being with a slightly above average mustache. His poetry is about ordering memory, finding the places that old thoughts fit into a current mind; transitions and movement, small or large, are also themes explored.

The Voyage Out (erasure of Virginia Woolf)
Cross Section

The Harkening Bees

Casey Forest

Casey manifested into physical form awhile back and has been writing ever since.

Editor's Note

Michaela Hayes

This story was born one day out of a particularly boring class period and a wandering mind. I had recently seen 'Being John Malkovich' and the image of a person being spat out of a tube on the side of the highway bounced around my mind every few days. It showed up in dreams and poems, and then in 'Doors in Parallel'.

Doors in Parallel
Paisley Green

I am a professional amateur who dabbles in writing, art, and junk collecting. My muses include dead things, old houses, and wizards.

Of Decay and Things That Don't Matter


Sims 4 Buy/Build Mode
Audrey Heffelfinger

Audrey Heffelfinger is entering her Sophomore year at CSU. She is originally from New Mexico but loves the wildlife and mountains of Colorado. Audrey hopes to teach and also illustrate children's books, as she is passionate about writing, drawing, and working with kids.

Ink, colored pencil
Elise Hillbrand

Elise Hillbrand is fascinated with the relationship between humans and the natural world, and spends much of her time outside exploring and looking for inspiration. She loves to create a sense of narrative with her visual work, often letting her poems and writing influence and accompany the art. Elise mainly pulls from her own experiences and hopes that in turn it will prompt others to think about theirs.

Mementoes of Solitude
Gouache on paper
Ross Love

Nature is often a mirror through which we view ourselves and seek to make meaning. With these works, I hoped to capture the diversity and fluidity among living things and how identities, bodies, and aesthetics manifest in a variety of ways in our world. By combining elements of surrealism, nature, and mythology, I aim to represent different facets of life within each piece to illustrate the ways in which humans attempt to understand nature.

Cain and Abel
Oil and spray paint on wood panel, 24 x 48
Psyche in Lilacland

Oil and spray paint on wood panel, 24 x 24
Pink Angel

Graphite and conte on toned paper, 13 x 9.5
Alison Lanning

Alison Lanning is thrilled and honored to publish her poetry in Cicada Creative Magazine. She is a student at Colorado State University, majoring in Social Work and double-minoring in Leadership Studies and Creative Writing. She hopes that her poems can touch the hearts and souls of her readers, like poetry does for her.

Jake Lyon

Jake Lyon is an aspiring writer and musician from Fort Collins, Colorado. He has been published in Slit Lit (NZ), and is a founding member of the band, Roseville. He spends most of his time reading, listening to music, and gardening.

A Summer Dream
Flash fiction
Charles Mahaffey

Creative Writing major at Colorado State University.

The Desert Is a Woman

Obscurantism (after Bin Ramke)

Wren Macdonald

Quietness and subtlety are themes in much my work, often paired with a deliberate spatial relationship between forms or between form and viewer. Through the coalescence of form and space with subtle detail, I seek to ignite a thoughtfulness in the viewer about our social, cultural, historical, physical, and mental environments that we collectively and/or individually establish for ourselves.

Canvas, cotton, Polyfil, thread

Altered silk blouse, thread, joint compound, house paint
Tatum McCallum

As an artist, I am essentially interested in creating works that express how it feels to be myself in this crazy big world. I hope that in expressing myself and analyzing the world around me that I can achieve real change. I strive to be a happy face and a reminder that we can choose love and kindness over hate.

2 layer lithography prints, stone tusche-wash. Litho ink (one with the two layers in different colors and one in all black)

Color film photographs
Jessica McGarity

My recent works are concentrated on the aspect of beauty through death in the world around us, through the avenue of skulls. I experiment with a variety of methods and materials, and am always searching to try something new and further explore our world; how we as humans perceive it, and how it is impacted by us.

Micron pen on toned paper with woven wooden framing
Anthony Miccio

Anthony Miccio is interested in the interaction between the natural environment and the human realm. Through ritual and spiritual means, he attempts to explore that relationship through his art.

Natural Phenomena
Gouache and ink
Alisa Otte

Alisa Otte is a senior at Colorado State University and she is finishing her semester abroad at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. Alisa loves writing poetry and this piece is very close to her heart as it encompasses her sophomore year of university. She hopes to attend graduate school for an MFA in creative writing.

a feeling i thought i’d imagined
Color film photograph
Nathan Renshaw

I'm always looking for myself in the outside, I'm seeing myself in the poem, and as Jack Spicer wouldhave it, seeing what comes from the outside in. These poems were written when I was infatuated though, so it was much harder to isolate 'the outside'.

A collection in reverse chronology from the end of winter
Jesse Schaub

I'm currently an English major going into my sophomore year at CSU. I was born here in Fort Collins, CO and love the outdoors.

Cienna Semsak

Cienna is a recent college graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Zoology. Over the years she has partook in numerous worldwide travels, inspiring her love of adventure and giving her diverse subjects for her photography.

Vancouver Reflection
Elephant Eye

Lizard Close-Up

Chloe Shaub

Chloe Shaub's work focuses on the complex yet clearly defined relationships between individuality, natural cycles, spirituality and coming of age. She's a Woman Now was inspired by the 1998 film Pulp Fiction, and Untitled is a study of the Poudre Canyon during mid-autumn.

She's a Woman Now

Jayleen Serrano

Jay is a 4th year graphic design and photo major. Besides art and literature, Jay loves horror, Korean sweets, and fishkepeing.

Cullen Swenson

Survival is the state of continuing to exist in spite of difficult circumstances. There is beauty in suffering for some it may mean the end but for others it's a reason to keep living to grow stronger. My work studies the morality of letting a creature suffer when it is wounded and wondering where it's life may lead if it pushes through the storm.

Zbrush and Photoshop
Tony Swope

My name is Tony Swope, I am a musician, a writer, and a Parkour and Tricking athlete. Most people don't know that I was the knitting club president in elementary school, aptly named the 'knitting king'. I have since branched out from the creative form of yarn, into the more two-dimensional medium known as writing. Some of my favorite authors include Patrick Rothfuss, Aleron Kong, and Karen Miller.

Dear God
Creative Non-Fiction
Seiji Takahashi

Seiji Takahashi holds a bachelors from Colorado State University, and his writing has recently been featured in Slit Lit Magazine, Roseville, and SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER. He plans on pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction, and he is originally from Tokyo, Japan.

In my head there is a place I go to when I think of my childhood
Creative Non-Fiction
Britt Thompson

I've wanted to be an artist since I knew what art was. It has always been something I could do and feel like I belonged. I'm constantly inspired by artists showing their art to the world and creating artworks that make people feel and experience things. This is something I am striving for in my own life and art.

Intaglio Print
Nick Tonetti

Hi! I'm Nick. I've been taking pictures on film for almost four years now, and although it can be frustrating (and expensive!) to wait to develop my pictures, it's incredibly rewarding. I'm a big nature person, and I love being able to snap a photo and keep hiking, without having to stop and worry about adjusting a bunch of knobs on a digital camera. Plus, when I finally develop a bunch of rolls of film after a few months of saving them up, it's like a huge gift to myself and I get to see pictures that I had completely forgot about. One of my favorite things about film is the funky effects you can achieve in-camera with no post-processing, such as film burns and double exposures. Outside of taking pictures and hiking, I am an educator at the Environmental Learning Center, I play drums in an amazing local band: Janet Earth, and I'm a huge gardener and spend most of my free days with my tomato plants!

Alpine Enchantment
35mm film photograph

35mm film photograph
Mans on Mars/Warm Sands

35mm film photographs
Dylan Trinkner

Dylan is a computer science and fine arts double major who creates art from a gestault place, exploring writing as well as mixed media in drawing and sculpture. The best way to sum up the specifics of his work is the sentence 'The art is dead.'

Mixed media

Mixed media
Sarah VanHatten

Trashion began as a Halloween costume after I realized just how wasteful the holiday has become. Now, after creating a number of garments, and putting on the 2019 Trashion Show, my hope is to help train the mind to see trash as more than something at the end of its life.

Reilly Webster

Reilly is a 3rd year art major double concentrating in graphic design and electronic art. She is interested in using design principles to craft unexpected visual experiences. She is passionate about typography and drinks too much coffee.

Digital drawing
Process Template/Relic Study

Digital drawing
Yufeng Xia

Hi! I am Yufeng Xia and I am a senior English major student in CSU Honor program. I recently created a poem with my friend Alister Matheson, who is also doing English major and is a junior. This poem is created from a dream that I had.